Starting a new business always takes more time than you think in advance, says Frans Spijkers. Together we look back on an eventful six months in which Frans started his company in the middle of all the Covid restrictions.

Who is Frans Spijkers?

As a born technician I started at A.Hak Industrial Services in 2007 after my studies in automotive engineering. During this period of 12 years I have held many different positions and as a result I have been able to experience all the different facets of the company. In the beginning, as a pipeline engineer, I was able to carry out many projects worldwide. Also in Japan, where I was allowed to demonstrate this advanced technique (see photo). In addition to the operational role within pipeline services and inspection, I have fulfilled multiple roles within the pipeline services department. Roles from sales to engineering to eventually serviceline manager, have shaped me into who I am today, says Frans.

Why start for yourself?

Partly because of Covid, the company had to let people go, after good consultation we decided together that it was better for me to move on. For years I have taken directions from others and now it was time to make my own choices. Because of my experience in the field of pipelines, I thought it was a logical choice to combine all my experience and take this step.

What does TECCURO mean?

Coming up with a good name is difficult. As with finding a name for your children, you don’t want to come up with a name that means something “strange” in another language. For me, it was a requirement that the .com was available to emphasize the international ambition. After many thoughts, this eventually resulted in the creation of TECCURO B.V.

The name Teccuro consists of the merging of the two words “tec” and “curo”. Tec refers to Technology (“science of craft”, is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services) and Curo comes from Latin and stands for: to care for, pay attention to, provide for, worry about. In short, our services will take care of your assets.

Because the company name also has to be clearly visible, the process for the logo took some time. You make different designs, look at competitors and try to combine different things. In collaboration with family and friends, the logo went through several stages. I am very proud of the final result.

Teccuro logos

Where does TECCURO stand now?

In addition to creating presentations and the website, I have been setting up a management system for the  ISO9001/VCA  certification and making proposals for  potential  clients, says Frans. Therefore I am very pleased that some of these contacts have resulted in to two interesting projects.  Through  A.Hak  Leidingbouw I was able to test a Jet fuel pipeline at Schiphol and for MVOI I was able to test and pig the 24″ crude oil pipeline in Venlo (the Netherlands).

What is your ambition  for 2021?

To grow the organization, we are primarily focusing on Europe to start with. However, opportunities outside the EU might also be interesting. It is important that the ISO9001/VCA certificate is completed before the summer in order to be able to work for the larger companies in the market. Furthermore, my ambition is to form a team of at least four people this year in order to be able to give my customers sufficient flexibility. Depending on the contracts awarded, this could become even more. After all, I can’t keep doing everything on my own, Frans laughs. If the basic organization stands and by that I mean the equipment, it is time to grow further. I want to distinguish myself by approaching things differently and to develop innovations this year. If there are more employees, I will have more time for that.  To  be  continued!