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A pipeline is a hollow guideway which can consist of various materials (e.g. steel, duplex, plastic, etc.) that are used above ground or underground, onshore or offshore and intercontinental for transporting hazardous and non-hazardous gases (e.g. natural gas, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, CO2, steam, etc.) and liquids (e.g. water, oil, petrol, kerosene, chemicals, etc.). The advantages of transporting via pipelines is that it connects industrial producers and consumers in an efficient and relatively safer way. In addition, the transport directly contributes to lowering greenhouse gases because there is no CO2 emission from, for example, trucks stuck in traffic.

Depending on the product properties (e.g. toxic, fire hazard, etc.) and process properties (e.g. pressure and temperature), which pose a higher risk, contractors and pipeline owners must ensure that appropriate measures are taken to limit these risks.
TECCURO can support you in the various choices that must be made to make your project successful.



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TECCURO Pipeline Performance Program (T3P)

The aim of a pipeline in operation is to transport the product as quickly and efficiently as possible. During this operational period, various influences can limit the throughput and increase the cost. In the worst case, the pipeline has to be taken out of service.

The TECCURO Pipeline Performance Program (T3P) is a specially developed program to ensure that the performance of your pipeline remains in optimal condition. KEEP ENERGY FLOWING. T3P provides:
– Maximise your pipeline performance;
– Lowering operational costs; cost control;
– Reduce the operational workload of your employees;
– Interim assessment of your pipeline lifespan.

Pipeline Integrity

Based on our specific knowledge and experience, TECCURO can support you throughout the life cycle of your pipeline. Before a new pipeline is constructed, various parties (e.g. pipe owner, contractor, engineering firm) will carefully consider the risks that may arise. Also the applicable laws and regulations are taken into account. Each country has its own standard and norm that must be looked at.

Netherlands NEN 3650, NEN 3651
Germany DVGW G 469
VdTŰV Merkblatt 1051
Norway NORSOK L-005
United Kingdom BS 8010
Offshore NEN3656
Europe EN 1594, EN 12327
United States ASME B31.4 Code, ASME B31.8 Code
API RP 1110

In addition, it may be that the pipeline owner himself imposes additional stricter requirements to control the risks. In the Netherlands for example, Gasunie has the CSW-19N and Air Liquide has the General specification for cleaning, pressure testing and drying (G-GS-12-3-15). TECCURO has experience with all these requirements. In addition we can also support you with our project management in order to get the most out of your onshore or offshore project.

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning

During the pre-commissioning of a pipeline, various services will ensure that the pipeline is structurally ready to receive the liquid or gas. Typical activities are hydrostatic testing, cleaning and drying in accordance with the standards. Subsequently, the pipeline can be placed under nitrogen for preservation. This way the pipeline stays in good condition and can be use at another time (commissioning).


Over time, and depending on the product passing through, the pipeline will need to be cleaned and inspected to ensure that the pipeline continues to function within the applicable standards. TECCURO has various cleaning methods for this that can be integrated into your maintenance program.

Decommissioning & Abandonment

It is necessary to de-commission the pipeline during adjustments, major maintenance at the industrial producers and at the end of the lifecycle when the pipeline is permanently out of service (abandonment). Decommissioning a pipeline is specialised work and therefore carries an increased risk. Because of our experience, TECCURO can support you with this.

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