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Because every pipeline is unique, some projects can be very challenging. Standard solutions do not always work in these. One of our company’s core elements is “technical innovations”.  In cooperation with our customers and suppliers, we are always looking for new ways to realise your project more effectively and efficiently.


Sustainable district heating networks

City heating networks are used to prevent residual heat from being lost unused. Contractors install pipelines to transport the heated and cooled water between the suppliers and the users. One of the challenges is filling these pipes air-free in such a manner that a reliable hydrostatic test can be performed. Often these pipe systems do not have a vent point, so there is a good chance that there is too much air in the pipeline and that the test is rejected. TECCURO has developed a solution by applying a vacuum to the pipeline.

To limit the heat loss during transport, these pipes are well insulated. In addition to the insulating material, these pipes are often double-walled. The double wall creates a space that can be vacuumed. These SiS (steel-in-steel) pipelines are comparable to a thermos bottle, which also is designed to keep the heat loss to a minimum. TECCURO can help you put your pipes under vacuum pressure and regularly check that the vacuum condition remains intact.


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