Due to the uncertainty of a continues gas supply and the aim to become less dependent on Russian gas, Gasunie has developed a new floating LNG terminal (Liquefied Natural Gas) in the Eemshaven area. The intention is to use this location in the future for the import of green hydrogen. The terminal was built in a record time of 6 months. EemsEnergyTerminal (EET) is operational since September 2022.

Liquefied natural gas is transported to Eemshaven by ship. The FSRU (Floating Storage Regassification Unit) installation converts the liquefied natural gas into gaseous gas. Once that has happened, the gas can be transported via the existing Gasunie pipeline network. The RWE power plant next door supplies the required residual heat during the winter period.

To realize these plans, A.Hak Leidingbouw has constructed a new 24” underground transport pipeline that connects the new floating installation to the existing natural gas network. This 3,5 kilometer long pipeline with additional station has been tested, cleaned and dried at dew point by TECCURO.

All the above-ground piping and associated utilities were constructed by Stork Nederland. These include natural gas, sea water, glycol, hot water and cryogenic pipes. TECCURO was selected for testing, drying and was part of the commissioning team. All involved parties acted as one large team that ensured the realization of an unique project in record time.

Keep Energy Flowing.