Contractor A.Hak leidingbouw B.V. is laying new kerosene pipelines at Schiphol Airport on behalf of Air Fuel Supply B.V. (AFS). As part of the pre-commissioning, TECCURO B.V. has been selected to carry out the hydrostatic testing.

After the 16 inch and 20 inch pipes were filled with water, TECCURO gradually increased the pressure until the desired test pressure was reached. After a successful strength test, a tightness test was subsequently carried out. Remko Braster (Project Leader A.Hak Leidingbouw B.V.) says: “the cooperation and communication with TECCURO went very smooth and the tests were carried out according to the schedule”. The measurement values and graphs of the entire project are recorded with digital meters that have been processed in a test report. To give our customers the guarantee that the measured values are correct, TECCURO only use accredited measurement devices.

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